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Here’s a great little reimagining of an old folk song!

Dan White Sextet- Camptown Races (play) (by dw6)


18th and 19th Century Paintings of London Superimposed on Contemporary Photos of the City
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Outliner by Snarky Puppy


Vintage cocktail recipes in rhyme? Yes, please! This unique unpublished book by Charles Green Shaw is only one of many rare printed materials that will be featured in our upcoming Journal.

Pages 42 and 43 from: Charles Green Shaw’s Rhymed recipes, 193-?. Charles Green Shaw papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

John Scofield Trio - Blue Note NYC. 2004 (by daandrums)

Lets face it, someone has a better business model that Big Broadcasting. Let capitalism be what it is, or is this no longer the land of the free.


Gallery1988 and Sony Are Hosting Traveling ‘Ghostbusters’ Art Show to Celebrate the Classic Film’s 30th Anniversary
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