Gallery1988 and Sony Are Hosting Traveling ‘Ghostbusters’ Art Show to Celebrate the Classic Film’s 30th Anniversary
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Chemical quote sources: Quote and chemical compound, background image
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Joshua Redman 5tet - Hide And Seek [1996]


I think I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to sound like a dry martini.
PAUL DESMOND, 1924-1977
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Haunting photos of World War I reveal how little Europe has changed in 100 years.

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"The means or instruments by which the Spirit of God accomplishes our union with Christ, and our fellowship with Him in all holiness, are the gospel, by which Christ enters into our hearts to work faith in us, and faith, by which we actually receive Christ Himself, with all His fullness, into our hearts. And this faith is a grace of the Spirit, by which we heartily believe the gospel and also believe on Christ as He is revealed and freely promised to us in this, for all His salvation." 

~ Walter Marshall, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification
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Musicomic #38 - I Made This

New Musicomic by Miles Davis
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Photographers Who Documented Gentrifying Landscape of New York City Revisit Same Locations Ten Years Later
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